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    Trainings & Seminars

    We offer training and seminars. Detailed information can be obtained by email at info@evidencia.de.

    Areas in which we can provide seminars and training include:

    GMP Training

    In manufacturing companies, regular GMP training is important to refresh employees’ knowledge of this specific manner of operating.

    In universities, training for students in science programs is beneficial as it provides an insight and initial understanding of the requirements for product manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and medical industries.

    Proper Sterilization

    Training employees or students in proper sterilization techniques is crucial in both companies and universities. This training helps improve the quality and safety of sterilized products.

    Various operator errors can occur during sterilization that can compromise the effectiveness of the process, such as overloading, incorrect loading, and incorrect sterilization parameters.

    GMP for Non-GMP Companies

    GMP can be much more than a legally required guideline. It can form the basis of a good quality management system or provide a structure for establishing new facilities and processes. Why reinvent the wheel and create your own structure when there is already a well-functioning model on the market that can be used as a reference?

    In a non-GMP environment, implementing GMP practices can lead to a more organized way of working, and equipment qualification can help improve the quality and efficiency of production processes. By verifying equipment performance, errors and deviations can be reduced, resulting in higher productivity and better quality of manufactured products.