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    Parameter evaluation & method development

    Parameter evaluation and method development on devices is an important step that can be carried out before the actual qualification to ensure that the device parameters are correctly set for the device’s purpose. Parameter evaluation refers to the adjustment of parameters that are necessary for the correct functioning of the device.

    Parameter evaluation and method development can be useful when acquiring a new device or when an existing device is to be used for a new application. In both cases, it is important to ensure that the parameters on the device are correctly set to achieve the desired performance.

    Device-specific parameters that are needed for routine operation of the device can also be determined. For example, in the case of incubators or freezers, we evaluate parameters such as the time it takes for the device to reach the set target temperature, the recovery time within which the target temperature in the usable space is restored after a door opening (recovery test), and the time during which the temperature in the usable space is maintained within the allowable temperature range in the event of a power outage, as well as cold and hot spots. These times and positions form the basis for determining when the device can be used after power on, how long it can be safely opened, the emergency plan (alarm chain) in the event of a power outage, as well as the placement of sensors or data loggers for your in-house monitoring system.